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Our facilities in Belarus offer high-quality manufacturing and very cheap labor costs.

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Business Travel

Our specialized travel agents network will help organize your business travel in the BRICS area and beyond.

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Entering New Markets

Our experienced business development consultatns will guide around the hurdles and traps which often make entering a new market impossible.

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Consulting Services for the BRICS marketplace

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About Us

About Charles Hergott

Charles Hergott, founder of CHC, is not a product of the pure  “business world” and has not been raised to think inside preset patterns  and schemes. Rather, Charles is a person of intuition and his  twelve-year experience exploring the Russian aerospace market has led to  the definition of his business model of which CHC is a refined  expression.

CHC was created in 2013 as a platform to reproduce the Russian  experience in other countries such as Brazil, South-Africa, China and  India. These countries have contributed to form a multi-polar  geopolitical world : interactions within the BRICS and between the BRICS  and the Euro-American world are two very important streams nowadays.

CHC’s know-how is to foster these relationships in order to establish fruitful collaborations.
CHC’s team is a rich mix of business experts, international consultants, financial analysts but most of all, of people who think out of the box to provide a unique, tailor-made and effective solution to our customers who thrive on exploring new opportunities.